Syd Hill Polo Saddle, Roughout Leather

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Size: 17"
Color: Black
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Introducing the Future of Polo:
The Syd Hill Polo & Sons Saddle with SHXP+ Technology

Experience a revolution in polo performance with the all-new Syd Hill & Sons Polo Saddle. Featuring our groundbreaking SHXP+ technology, this innovative saddle offers a level of adjustability and comfort never seen before.

SHXP+ Technology: The Perfect Fit, Every Time
  • SHXP+ allows for precise fitting with the changeable gullet including 4 gullet plates and 3 adjustable channel widths, plus the ability to remove the foam panels and fit our Syd Hill Polo Saddle Flocked Panels. This revolutionary technology sets a new standard for polo saddle adjustability, ensuring optimal performance for every player and horse combination.

  • Our premium grip suede keeps you securely in the saddle during the most intense maneuvers.

  • Long girth points ensure proper saddle stability and optimal weight distribution while front dee rings provide additional attachment options.

  • Keep your investment safe with a stylish and durable saddle cover included with purchase.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. The Syd Hill & Sons Polo Saddle with SHXP+ technology is designed to empower your performance and forge and elevate your game.

Contact us today to learn more about this revolutionary saddle and take your polo game to the next level!

Available in 17", 18" & 19" Seat size.
Black & Brown.

 Code Colour Size
SHPOSARO BK 17 Black 17"
SHPOSARO BK 18 Black 18"
SHPOSARO BK 19 Black 19"
SSHPOSARO BR 17 Brown 17"
SHPOSARO BR 18 Brown 18"
SHPOSARO BR 19 Brown 19"


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