Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have an old Syd Hill saddle, can you tell me how much it’s worth?

Unfortunately we are unable to help with valuing saddles. Your best option is to look around for what others are pricing saddles of similar style and age. Gumtree and Ebay are usually helpful for this research.

I have a Syd Hill saddle that I would like more information about, where can I find this?

If you have a Syd Hill saddle that is no longer being produced or you aren’t sure which model it is you can email with images of the saddle and we will supply any information available.

Do you still make leather saddles?

Yes, we are still making leather saddles, we also make lightweight synthetic saddles to. For more information, please click here.

Will I get a warranty on my Syd Hill saddle?

Your Syd Hill & Sons saddle comes with a 5 year warranty on the saddle tree from the date of purchase under conditions of normal use. There is also a 1 year warranty from date of purchase against faulty workmanship and materials. This excludes normal wear and tear.

Our warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, neglect, accident or improper storage of your saddle.

Leather is made from animal hide and is a natural material, therefore some imperfections may be seen in the leather and should be appreciated as character of your saddle and not a fault.

For more information, please see our Warranty Policy click here.

Can I buy your saddles online? Where are your saddles stocked?

Visit our store locator to find a Syd Hill & Sons stockist near you.

How do I become a stockist?

Visit our Become a Stockist page or email

How do I know which saddle is right for me?

We stock a variety of saddles to suit different riding styles and disciplines, for advice on which saddle is most suited to you, please email or phone us on 08 6323 3441.

How do I care for my saddle?

To best care for your Syd Hill & Sons saddle, ensure your saddle is kept covered when not in use.

For leather saddles, we recommend cleaning regularly with a soft cloth, using a leather oil or conditioner when necessary to prevent drying.

For synthetic saddles, we recommend cleaning any dust and dirt off with a medium bristle brush and synthetic cleaner if necessary.

To prolong the life of your saddle, avoid sharp objects, exposure to direct sunlight and rain and conduct regular checks for wear and tear.